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Hi lovelies! This time I’ll be sharing with you a product that I never thought I would own in this house without having a child... Hey don’t get the wrong idea,.. I can see the sudden question mark on your face all the way from here!

Stokke were very kind to reach out to me to collaborate. Having a look at their product my first instinct was: “what? Your girl doesn’t have a child yet!.” They have many amazing products including their famous strollers, cribs and chairs. I guess I’m not Mrs. know it all, as I came to find out that Stokke’s chair is actually suitable for adults as well.

Their new limited edition Tripp Trapp Ash is a piece designed by Scandinavian designer Peter Opsvik. It is is their famous Tripp Trapp chair carefully crafted out of high quality & durable ash wood.

Stokke defines the product on their website as:

Chosen for its high quality and rich look, the densely veined wood of the ash tree reveals rings in both pale and deep tones. This swirled marble effect creates a unique pattern for each chair, ensuring that this limited edition is truly one of a kind. The Tripp Trapp® Limited Edition Ash chairs have been finished with a sophisticated matte lacquer in on-trend taupe. A design favorite, taupe is the perfect blend of tan and grey making it a modern classic and versatile enough to complement any interior. The appearance of your Tripp Trapp® Ash chair will differ according to which segment of the tree the wooden part is made of. This means that you will own a chair as individual as you and your child.”

I received the product and even though I was judgmental about the chair once I opened the Stokke box I was impressed. The colour and the quality ie to be an expert to see how much effort and consideration has gone into making this chair. So the main question was where would I place it?

My inner gut combined with an inspiration that arose from the good looks I placed it right next to our coffee bar! The best thing about this chair is that you get to customize the height allowing me to adjust it tot he seating height I prefer.

I think the Ash/Taupe colour looks so good in this spot. It blends in with the theme and at the same time makes all the colors stand out, especially the black and white! You know before testing out the chair I had to immediately style the area and take like 100 pictures of the same spot. That’s the important part right? So less about looks and more about personality... I decided to test the chair for it’s comfort, usability and support.

My at home office is still a mess and is still undergoing major construction, but I must admit that having the Tripp Trapp chair has already made such a difference for my back! While working on my own business and making labels that I sell via @studiosien I am always sitting in awkward positions causing pain in my back. With the convenient function of the Tripp Trapp chair I can adjust the height low enough so I have a more comfortable experience getting my work done. The stress of meeting deadlines is tiring enough and previously I was adding onto this by not sitting in the right position. I guess I might now experience back problems a little later than I would have before? Haha.

It’s definitely made an impact in my life; little changes are what matter and a chair has just managed to dot that. I love it! My back feels great and the support is awesome too. I hope to show you the chair in my office setting one day. Meanwhile, I have tested and used the chair enough to be confidently saying that the the chair is not leaving and it’s being used on a daily basis!

What do you guys think of this edition? I think it looks stunning! You can shop the chair via this link.

With love,


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