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Rituals Cosmetics | Kitchen Collection

Hi there lovelies!

Rituals have been kind enough to send me a lovely package containing some lovely products from their kitchen collection. Even though I do not communicate it often I am a huge fan of their products. One of my favourite perfumes is the “Fleurs De L’Himalaya” that belongs to Rituals themselves!

The products that Rituals have sent me are:

My first thoughts: The packaging just looks so delicate and beautiful where you just ask yourself “why would I want to use this? It’s perfect enough to be house décor!”

I managed to bring myself to open them and I was blown away by the smell that instantly surrounded me! “Rituals of Sakura” mainly Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk, it is such a light scent and perfect for those who are sensitive to heavy scents. It was just right for me as I strongly dislike scents that have Vanilla or Coconut infused.

I explored further and noticed that the Dish Wash had a different scent compared to the Hand Wash and the Hand Balm. Therefore, I went onto read what it contained and discovered it contains White Musk and Muguet! It has a floral smell which is sophisticated due to the Musk. It complements the other two products so well.

If you’re wondering “has she tried it out?” Yes, I have and I was mesmerised! Who enjoys doing dishes right? But I had a new product to experiment, I made a delicious lasagne which the husband very much enjoyed. As the dishes were in the process of being washed my whole house was surrounded by this amazing smell! It works!

Apart from the scent, the Dish Wash soap has a special formula that works efficiently as a detergent for your dishes but remains gentle on your hands. Dry hands are a huge no go for me, and this to my surprise did not cause my hands to dry! You can still have pretty hands and do the dishes ladies!

Once I am done with the domestic duties I like to wash my hands. The hand wash was so gentle and soothing and at one point I found myself deliberately taking longer to wash my hands because the Cherry Blossom smelled so divine. I followed with the Hand Balm which almost trapped in the Cherry Blossom scent and resulted in it lasting longer; it also was so silky and luxurious. It was the perfect treat for my hands as it is designed to combat dry, rough hands caused by being a wife! Yeeess just that pampering you deserve after a tough time in the kitchen.

A nice fact to consider: They sell refills for the bottles, which means you don’t have to worry about using something so pretty! You can just refill them as they empty.

Overall Opinion: I am in LOVE! With the products, I review it is important for me to be completely transparent and honest with you. I have very dry hands and these products have somewhat made my time in the kitchen like a spa. My hands were soft as a baby and they smelled so good I kept making the husband the smell them! *Currently smelling my own hands as I type*

As you know I like to buy things for my house that complement the overall interior and are efficient at what they are designed to carry out. The look of these bottles is a lust to the eye. They have a chic, minimal yet a classy look. I really do not like detergent bottles and always try to hide them, or buy brands with a minimal look. I would recommend these products to those who love owning pretty things, who love things that smell amazing and most importantly those who love to maintain the hands and keep them pretty!

Much Love,



Sending love towards Merve for supporting me, you are amazing.

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