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Hi there lovelies!

Long time no see! Excuse me for that. Life has been so busy lately 😊

I wanted to give you all an update about our balcony. As I have mentioned on my Instagram before, we were busy with giving our balcony a make-over.

Not only did we want to do this because Wolf loves to spend time there, we also realised it would be a waste to not make use of the space!


This is what our balcony looked like before. Basically, just storage for some random bits and bops.

This is what we made of it! Isn’t it amazing? I think we have found the perfect balance here!

All the items:

Pallet lounge – This is actually a DIY project! I am linking the blog for this DIY right here!

Outdoor Wall Posters – Something that really made a difference to this space are these two gorgeous outdoor posters by! How cool are they? They are waterproof (perfect for the Dutch weather, haha) and they are easy to hang. Eventhough we didn’t nail it tight enough, it still looks so cool in its own messiness.

Round Rug – This beauty is from and is called the “Lea” rug and has the diameter of 120 cm. Thank you so much for this lovely gift Benuta! They now have a discount code available: "SUMMER30"for 30% off!

PittaPot – Yes, what to say about this awesome thing right here? I can finally enjoy the “garden” feeling on our balcony with this amazing little firepit! All you do is light it up like a candle, and put the lid back on top when you are done with it. Get yours via:

Solar Led Bulbs – I got these cute bulbs from Groupon. They charge in sunlight and light up at night without having to manually do so!

Long carpet – From H&M Home collection back in 2017

What do you guys think of our balcony? We love hanging out here!

Until next time!



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