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Interior Make-over | Bedroom

Hi there lovelies!

I have done something again; I couldn’t help myself … I went ahead and changed one of the rooms in our house. This room really has never really been my favourite since the beginning. I honestly really did try to make our relationship work by making simple changes here and there. However, it’s not about the room it’s about me! Haha… It always felt so empty, there was enough furniture but the “vibes” were not just there and you all know how I am all about the feels! If the feelings are not there then there’s no point carrying on a relationship right?

Old bedroom

Picture of the old bedroom.

When you’re a first time home-owner you go into designing everything thinking you know exactly what you want but you can be so so wrong. I always thought a chic bedroom was what I wanted and once we moved in, I decided it was not really working for me. It just didn’t seem to mesh with the rest of the house and it was honestly bothering me. I guess we can learn from our mistakes!

As you may know over the summer we went to Turkey. One of the hotels we stayed in for one night was a wooden hut on the mountain. The interior was all-wood, and there was a warm feeling. It was inviting and cosy which made me realise this was what our bedroom was missing. I was inspired!

I had already began adding wood into the décor of the living room and kitchen but had not thought about doing so in the bedroom.

The first thing I got rid of was our tufted headboard and replaced it with the wooden Fishbone headboard from Woood.

I had posted that I was planning on changing our bedroom on Instagram and Riviera Maison was so kind to let me pick some items from their collection to add to our bedroom. I was at their VIP Night couple of weeks ago and I had seen the Soho end table styled with a gorgeous chair and all I could think of was: that would make a beautiful nightstand! So obviously, the choice was easily made. I went for the Soho tables and was convinced I could finally get the San Carlos Hanging Lamp (size M) that I had seen in their previous collection – remember that blog? The items are such high quality and I feel so lucky and privileged that Riviera Maison gifted me these. Thank you!


Boho chic vibes!

What do you guys think? I am so in loooove!! Seriously, I can’t believe I did not take this step earlier. I was asking for approval from everyone as to if I should spray paint my silver mirror white and most people said no but my inner feeling said yes… and I love it so much more in white. It’s so dreamy! So glad I followed my own instinct and did this! I finally have that “bedroom vibes” feels!

To add a playful touch and a little bit more “me”, I went ahead and added some sleek modern bedside lamps for a nice contrast to fit the rest of our home.

The new duvet and pillows I got from Hema (I just love those stripes) and the gooooorgeoussssssssssss white pompom plaid is by Camelsandco. This young brand is established by two beautiful young entrepreneurs that are twin sisters! Hajar and Naouar, they travel to Morocco to get all of their handcrafted items to provide you something that is made with love and high quality. The PomPom plaid is from a very high quality and heavy material and is woven by the Berber women in Morocco who learnt the craft from a very young age. I just love that!

The sisters were so sweet to give me a coupon code for their webshop which is “LIFEOFSY” for a 20% discount. The code is valid until September 29th!

Stay tuned for a styling video of this current styling on my Instagram.

With love,


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