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Hi lovelies!

As you and I both know my flat is on the smaller side which means I have to carefully choose the items that I need to decorate the space I have available. I had a specific design in mind which I needed to bring to life. While searching on the internet I came across TIPTOE and instantly was sold as their products are innovative and allows you to create the “look” you want in areas with limited space. After having a browse I found what I was looking for. I had control over the item I was buying as I could build it by choosing the material myself (from the ones available).

A little intro about TIPTOE:

“We were dreaming of long-lasting furniture that would have several lives alongside their owners. We were dreaming of affordable pieces of furniture telling unique stories about how you created them and how you would pass them on to the ones you love. Our products embody an optimistic and creative form of modernity meant to inspire day after day.

Since our crowdfunding launch in 2015, our TIPTOE legs have stepped in more than 40 countries.”

I got in contact with TIPTOE and told them about my idea: adjusting the leg size in order to obtain two different furniture items.

The products that I used are:

1 Wooden plank with the thickness of 4mm

Here you can see a slideshow with both legs used in the same space with a different look and functionality.

On my IGTV (online tomorrow!) you can find the video of me quickly changing the legs and the style of the space. It is literally super quick and easy, it requires no extra effort!

What are your thoughts about these items? I personally really love this idea. I feel that it is cost effective as you get two furnitures out of just changing the leg size. Also we all get bored of an item at some point and want change and this product allows you to make that change whenever you desire.

Imagine having a small home and not having any place for a dining table but still wanting to be able to invite friends: just put the legs aside with a tabletop and install it whenever you have guests. You could also clamp 3 legs to a round tabletop or plank and make it a coffee/side table!

I can come up with so many other combination of ideas, the options are endless!

You can shop the items here.

With love,


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