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Hi there lovelies!

Last Monday I was upto something super exciting! I was invited to the launch of a unique concept called Prato kitchen by KVIK designed by Kato Karl Rossel (ByKato) & Claus Johnsen. For those of you that aren’t familiar, KVIK is a Danish brand and they provide spectacular design kitchens, bathrooms and (walk-in) closets for budgets that are friendly for everyone!

Capturing the Prato Kitchen :)

I was extremely impatient and gave you a preview through my stories on the day of the event, however I want to tell you all the details and insights that I learned and witnessed. I feel this blog will be very useful for those that are in search of a new kitchen! I mean even I want a new kitchen after all that I saw!

The Prato kitchen concept is not your ordinary kitchen it is clearly ahead of the game in my opinion and I’m sure if you saw it you’d feel the same way. It comes with a double function that does not only make life easier for you but is also super aesthetic and modern. It is extremely unique and stands out within the other competing brands. It sure caught my eye!

ByKato sideboard for Andersen Furniture

There is so much to explain, so let me break it down for you as much as I can: Prato kitchen is not only beautiful and smart: it has a furniture combined into the design! Furniture? Yeah you heard me correctly…furniture! What an interior dream right?! The sideboard on the image is one that ByKato had already designed for Andersen furniture. KVIK decided to contact Andersen to enhance their concept by incorporating the sideboard feature into their kitchen design.

During the presentation I was stunned when the two designers showed me features I had never ever seen before in a kitchen. The doors on the X module is reversible! Wow! For someone that likes to change things around in her home from time to time, this is just magic. Imagine a white kitchen but being able to flip it to black whenever you feel like going darker. A-m-a-z-i-n-g. All the items in the X module are easy to take out and handle because it’s made with a massive oak- rail.

The kitchen is not only available in multiple colours it also comes with a choice of different tones of wood. The frame of all doors and fronts are black that really creates depth and boldness. If anyone is interested in what my choice of colour would be: I LOVE the white cabinets with the black backs and the light oak as a base. Seriously, tempting myself right now!

So, if you have a small house like mine: EXCELLENT! Imagine all the extra space opportunity! DREAM! You could use it as a cabinet for all your fine china or just use it as a place to store your books, games, decor. For those who have larger space in their home it is advantageous in other ways; it pulls two spaces together and the transition between two spaces becomes more fluent.

There were so many factors the kitchen was inspired by, but the one that really stood out to me the most was “Slow living”. People want a break from the rush they are in daily and really want to enjoy some peace and quiet in their home, that’s definitely the case with me! Just by having a smoother transition between the spaces, your house will feel more like a “home”.

Now I know what everyone thinks: “yeah, great kitchen, but that sounds unaffordable.” Surprisingly the kitchen is around €7000. I mean: hello?? Danish Design that is affordable is by far the best thing ever! The pictures that I have shown are from the Prato X Grey serie but there are also the Prato X (white) & Prato.

If you are still not sure about your new kitchen, visit a KVIK store near you as they are willing to help you find your dream!

With love,


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