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Interior | Pink Dining Chairs

Hi lovelies, I am back! And I’m back with some change!

If you follow me on my Instagram, you might know that this is what our dining area used to look like. I love the black and white theme here, but I decided it was time to turn this area into a softer one for spring and summer..and what better way to softens things with: Pink!

You guys also might have seen my stories at the Rivièra Maison’s HQ where we had the most perfect lunch prepared for us by Pluk Amsterdam back in January.

I was invited to take a look at their new collection and wow, I LOVED it! So many new things, lovely white vibes, pink vibes, beach vibes.. I was feeling all of them. Most of all the pink items. Now I'm not always the person to pick pink first, because I love a monochrome look. But sometimes my heart just skips a beat when I spot a gorgeous piece of furniture in pink!

This was the same story with the beautiful Victorian Dining Chairs in Velvet Pink. I think Rivièra Maison has outdone themselves with this beautiful chair! Obviously, my head was all over the place. I had to have the pink chairs! The previous chairs already had some battle wounds caused by Wolf and Luna (leather + cats = nightmare) and they were ready to be swapped!

Tadaaaa! I’m obsessed. I am in love! It adds so much life to the space and makes my heart cheer up each time I walk into this room. The chairs seem to have a different colour in every light. Some moments they are very neutral and in some light they turn into a gorgeous pink. The legs are made out of metal and have an awesome wood-look to them.

On the table I have styled the Hampstead Greenhouse in size L, another beautiful item made by Rivièra Maison. This little house reminded me of the Mini libraries that we have on the streets here in The Netherlands. It's a little house where you can grab a book to read (and return when you are done reading) and I decided to create my own! I have added the books that I still need to read and also planted two cute little plants in mugs - because: kitchen- to make the look complete. It feels like a cute little world and it's also safe to say my plants can't be slaughtered by my two cats in there.

I am so ready for spring and summer!

The house is currently being adjusted to the pink tones. A little vase here, a little pop of pink there.. Let's see what the final outcome will be!

What do you guys think of these beautiful chairs?

With love,


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