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Budget Make-over | Wardrobe Room

Hello lovelies!

I don’t share this room as often as I should however that does not mean I don’t LOVE it. Especially after a little cleaning and tidying this is a gorgeous room to spend some me time in.

I’m sure it is every woman’s dream to have a whole room dedicated to her clothes, shoes, bags and makeup! I also feel everything looks much more organised/tidier in this room than it would in a wardrobe and the fact that it’s much easier to put together an outfit when everything is visible to me.

Our apartment has two bedrooms only, so if we do plan to extend our family and have a baby we would need to rearrange this room completely and it will no longer serve its purpose as a walk-in closet. We were always aware that this change would take place one day, therefore we didn’t think it would be wise to invest so much of our budget designing it.

We went to the budget-friendly Ikea and the Series we used for this room is the PAX-series; this must be my favourite design range that the store provides. Being on a budget didn’t mean it would not be nice as IKEA have this awesome system where you get to customize your closet and see the total costs at the end, you can keep adjusting it until it fits you and your budget.

I created the perfect design - Click it! Yes, I really made you guys a shopping plan - that I felt fit my husband and I the best and went to IKEA to pick it all up.

Let me show you:

This is a picture of what this room initially looked like before we gave it a little make-over.

I decided to incorporate my vanity space inside this unit as well, because a dressing table always became messy the next day! This way I get to close my drawer and hide most of the mess and keep the room looking tidy.

The total costs for this whole wardrobe unit is only €550! Can you believe that?

Let me know down below what you think of this transformation!

Much love,


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