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Hi there lovelies!

I can’t tell you how hard it has been to keep this a secret and not scream it out loud to you guys! I am in the Rivièra Maison magazine!! Honestly it was so difficult to stay quiet about it as you know I always love to share everything with you 😊

So, if you guys can remember: I went to the Rivièra Maison event a couple of months ago where they had an exclusive preview of their new products for 2018.

I loved all the collections so much, but the Park Avenue Footstool (in Velvet) won my heart. I was showing everyone how nice it was and all the handy features it had like: it could be opened to put your shoes in the side pockets and maybe even your pretty purses in the middle. It was beautiful and definitely useful!

I guess that caught the attention of Rivièra Maison team as they did not forget about me. They invited me for a photoshoot that they would use in their interior special! They said the interior special would be released in three languages: Dutch, German and English and that they would print 130.000 copies. O-M-G. All I had to do was tell people why I chose the Ottoman as my favourite item! Oh, and also pose with it. That was the scary part, but it went better then expected!

The photoshoot was on Valentine’s day and I can’t begin to explain how much fun I had throughout the whole thing! I was so so so nervous to begin with, however the amazing crew helped me a lot and got me through it all. They were so professional and efficient and made me feel as though I was at home which meant we were done shooting in 5 minutes!

Together we chose 3 potential pictures that could be used in the magazine and the Rivièra Maison editors chose their own favourite. See down below for some “behind the scenes”, the top 3 photos and the real interview!

The spread! So excited. They also used my picture in the index of the magazine which is pretttttyyyyyy amazing!

Option 2 and 3! Which one is your fave?

A special thanks to Rivièra Maison for allowing me the opportunity to experience something like this. I feel so honoured to be published next to the bloggers with a larger audience. Also a big thanks to Marc Lubach for my gorg make-up!

I still can’t believe it’s me in there! 😊

Much love,


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